Dictionary A classic dictionary. Type the word or select the word on any webpage and click the Wordino button to see it’s definition, synonyms, antonyms and samples.

Anagrams Get anagrams of the typed word. You can use this tool as a scrabble solver. Simply put the letters you have and let wordino try to find you possible combinations grouped by word length. Anagram: a word or phrase spelled by rearranging the letters of another word or phrase.

Build a Word Enter letters or words and find out possible words which could be created with the typed letters. Difference between Build a Word and Anagram is, in this tool any letter can be used more than once to build a word.

Fill the Blanks Enter an incomplete word with the wildcard asterix (*) to find possible words. You can use this tool as a Wheel of Fortune solver. Example: enter p*one and get the results phone and prone.

Data behind wordino is provided by WordNet® 3.0 dictionary.